Thursday, 14 August 2014

Shot put

10 minutes before the game and I sit down reflecting on all the things I have to do to win the gold medal. I walk on the field and see the crowd jumping off their feet like it's the best day of their lives.

As I go for my first throw it goes so high no one can see it then the man yelled out "18.99," and then two seconds later the crowd screamed with excitement. Then the next person threw and it looked like Batman,Batman threw it so far I think he threw it further than me. Then the man yelled out "19.20."

It comes to my last turn and I'm sweating badly. Then I said in my head "I need that gold," I threw it, it went so far I think I beat my personal best, then the man yelled "20.45" I felt so happy, there was so many mixed emotions like happiness,fears and excitement.

As I wait for my name to be called out to stand on the podium for my gold medal I congratulate the other teams, then a second later the man called out,"gold medalist,representing New Zealand,Valerie Adams." The sound of the national anthem is beautiful I say to myself. I'm filled with mixed emotions, happy tears dripped down my face. "Go New Zealand!"I say with my gold medal shining on my chest.
As soon as I got to my house I put my new gold medal with the rest of my medals.