Monday, 24 November 2014

Hiwi the kiwi story!!

It was a sunny evening as I felt the sand skim through my fingers while I lay on the golden sand. I saw dad getting out the white fishing boat and the rods,I jogged over to the fishing boat and jumped inside while dad set up the rods. We're all going for a fishing trip,"dad said. My sister ran outside and jumped into the fishing boat with me. In the distance I could see my little brother grabbing a handful of golden sand and putting it into his mouth,I quickly ran and grabbed him, I brung him to the fishing boat to put he's life jacket on. Even though we were all ready in the fishing boat dad still told everyone to get into the boat. I grabbed the sunscreen and slapped it on our faces, I could feel the fishing boat swinging side to side as I stood near the edge with my sister. "Everybody get a fishing rod,"dad cried. I quickly ran to the other side of the fishing boat and grabbed a green fishing rod, I stood near the edge of the fishing boat with my older sister we both casted our rods at the same time and we silently waited for some fish to arrive. After 10 minutes I started to feel my line move, I pulled in my line with a nervous but happy look on my face.

Monday, 10 November 2014

The car drifted along the road as a truck came around a corner, luckily I jumped out just before it hit me. As I jumped I heard the glass shatter upon the dusty road. I felt the glass crack beneath my body as I feel to the ground. Suddenly I was woken by ice cold water that dripped down my face. As I looked around I could see in the corner of my eye that blood was dripping down my leg right leg.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

The amazing cultural festival

On Thursday the 4th of September Burnham School went to the Cultural Festival to perform Kapa Haka.

Everyone backstage was really excited and nervous. There were lots of other performers practising backstage. We saw some Indian performers, some other Kapa Haka groups and a Pacific group. There were lots of groups of people backstage but our group was the biggest.

When we were on the ramp waiting for our turn we could hear the crowd going wild.

It was really exciting on stage, but you could hardly see the audience which made it a bit easier to perform.

The way we got on stage was by walking to Ka Haea Te Ataha, when the song finished we were all in our positions for Tenei Matao, which Reiana started us off. Next the boys did Tahu Potiki and the girls stood to the side and did actions for it. Then the girls got to do Hall of Fame with pois at the front of the stage, it was really exciting. When we were finished the crowd went crazy. The girls had to turn around and walk through the boys so the boys could do the school Haka. The boys were yelling like warriors protecting their people.

Finally it was the end of our performance and we walked off stage. Everyone felt really proud after our performance, especially Whaea Sam

After the end of our performance we went to our seats and we got to watch the other performances. The best performance was probably the Irish dancers apart from Burnham.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Shot put

10 minutes before the game and I sit down reflecting on all the things I have to do to win the gold medal. I walk on the field and see the crowd jumping off their feet like it's the best day of their lives.

As I go for my first throw it goes so high no one can see it then the man yelled out "18.99," and then two seconds later the crowd screamed with excitement. Then the next person threw and it looked like Batman,Batman threw it so far I think he threw it further than me. Then the man yelled out "19.20."

It comes to my last turn and I'm sweating badly. Then I said in my head "I need that gold," I threw it, it went so far I think I beat my personal best, then the man yelled "20.45" I felt so happy, there was so many mixed emotions like happiness,fears and excitement.

As I wait for my name to be called out to stand on the podium for my gold medal I congratulate the other teams, then a second later the man called out,"gold medalist,representing New Zealand,Valerie Adams." The sound of the national anthem is beautiful I say to myself. I'm filled with mixed emotions, happy tears dripped down my face. "Go New Zealand!"I say with my gold medal shining on my chest.
As soon as I got to my house I put my new gold medal with the rest of my medals.

Thursday, 5 June 2014